30 March 2007

Street Spirit #1 - Jeremy

Very special entry for us, our very first photo submission from the PUBLIC!

You love us.. you.. you really love us.. *gets teary-eyed*

Thanks to Mr. Jeremy from _________ .

The first two photos were taken in Singapore Polytechnic...

Nothing strange in SP..
Engineering Block, Business Block,
Toilet Block.

Jeremy told us that this is on
"the floor above the KFC and Pizza Hut in SP.
Its's a drive to save and recycle paper... "

If only the lecturers thought of this sooner...
Save paper and use your accounting lecture notes to make art!

The next one Jeremy took around Beat Merchants studio, Bugis.


Note: If you noticed, we have recurring titles for the different type of entries. Tonight is the birth of Street Spirit series; featuring photos from YOU, the public. (Yes, cows listen to Radiohead too)

Public Art is no art if there is no Public.

Our heartfelt gratitude to Jeremy the Man.

27 March 2007

The Art of Marketing Farts #3 - Outram

You might not think much of Outram...

But with a little imagination, it is Singapore's very own Hollywood.

This is NOT a normal toilet sign.
Obviously, this is the sign for Spiderman's way
to the little boy's room - this way up, Spidey!

They even added a special effect colouring to
give it the gritty feel of the real thing.

Real-life drama in our own backyard.
Extreme Makeover's casting call.

Mouth Odor. Ketiak Amis. Palm Sweat.
Reality TV has never been this good.

We noticed a couple of paintings...

Now showing...

Kiss Me a Killer (R21)

Indecent Behaviour 3 (R21)

If you were wondering about the movie banner in the middle,
it says something about being "raped by an angel".

26 March 2007

22 March 2007

Back to School #2.2 - Lasalle (Sculptures)

There is just sooo many at Lasalle for us to show everyone
(thus the .1, .2 system).

Now the other schools, if you want to be featured extensively on Public ArtRoar, kindly sacrifice a young virgin to be our guide.

This time around we bring you the stony sculptures, robots-in-disguise pieces.

The Shining.

The guide told us that these were actually students' wire projects.
They just left it there and now the wires
are one with nature. Amen.

This is the FOUNDER of Lasalle.

He does not look too happy, aye?
Check out the fancy leaves on his lower half.

This is us cows' favourite - 1/6 of an ancient Roman battle tower.

This could possibly have been used for the soldiers' pleasure.

"Black Hawk down, we've got a Black Hawk down.."

You put your left hand in, you put your left hand out,
You put your left hand in and you shake it all about.

We were wondering what would happen to these structures when the school shifts to its new building.

Are they going to move all these as well?

19 March 2007

The Art of Marketing Farts #2

Clever and witty marketing...

Well, at least these are more original then Forever Diva.

No, not the cab.

This would definitely work if your customers are ants and mice.
They must be quite an affluent group.
You may now consider them as a target market for future endeavours.

Oooh.. Sale.

Fatima comes to Singapore.

So is The Rapture.

Back to School #2.1 - Lasalle (Hotcakes)

Don't pee in your pants, boys..

The hottest girl in Lasalle.

She's a little shy.

The Posse.

Rumour has it that if you stare into her eyes long enough,
she will make you cross-eyed.

A few students said that the best way to get her number is
to sit on one of those benches alone between 12am - 3am.

15 March 2007

Back to School #2 - LaSalle (Don't Bedek)

Ladies & Gentlemen, the cows proudly present to you...


Note: The movement was massive. A few months back when we first stepped into Lasalle, we were ecstatic to find these words pasted on every single f**king thing you can find - posters, signs, doors, etc.
Unfortunately, by the time us cows got to Lasalle to snap evidence, it seemed that vandals had already gotten to most of the stickers - only a small fraction of what was initially put up are left. Public ArtRoar! are still seeking more scandolous photos or information on Don't Bedek and its creator. So if you have any stuff on this, do mail us at public.art.roar@gmail.com. But make sure you don't bedek.

Can you see it?

You are almost there...

Scary skull on lamp post... Don't Bedek.

Keep Clear: 24Hr Access Required... Don't Bedek.

Even numbers were not spared.

Don't Trip Nigga, you dig?...
DON'T BEDEK lah mat.

Fire extinguishers lie too.

Gwen Stefani would have covered his mouth too so that he
Don't Speak No Bedek.

Hoe-Reel: To turn on the inlet valve before running out the hose...
Don't Bedek ah.

We're sorry, Zul.

Again Public ArtRoar! would like to appeal to the public to send us any
photos or information on Don't Bedek.

We are considering launching an ad campaign - Who Is Don't Bedek?

06 March 2007

Back to School (Sorta) #1.5 - The Art of Marketing Farts

We were grazing around the National Library at Bugis when we came upon an exhibition by chance. It was Singapore Polytechnic graduating Design students showcase.

There were good works, and then there were interesting works.

Take a look...

No, actually he would have had to shout LOUDER
because TV Mobile adds more noise pollution.

Yea... He would have killed himself sooner with all that irritating
noise blasting on the way home from killing millions.

We don't even know where to begin.

We do not know how everyone else feels about this, but us cows found it offensive that Hitler's and Mao's escapades are used as advertising catchlines. We were horrified.

It's fine for Eric Cartman to be Hitler (Southpark) because that is FUNNY. But using Hitler and Mao to sell and promote something?

Then there were rip-offs...

Dashing Divas, anyone?

One of the students was really friendly and nice. She was the only one who had a painting up on her booth, even though it was a Design exhibition, and we like it.