30 June 2007

Dont Go Chasing Waterfalls

This is at the Bras Basah outlet of Popular bookstore.

In between higher levels./?


is a

continuation of


It's pretty cool because it's blue and water,
and water is naturally cool.

But a masterpiece? (read 3rd pic (if you can (if not, then ask)))


**Ya lah, all cannot see but all lazy to ask. Bluek.
It says:

"GRAFITTI: A form of scribbling art on wall.
This masterpiece is a continuation of the waterfall (on the right wall), with "blue" representing the coolness and calmness of water."


18 June 2007

Street Spirit #4 - Banned in the Singapura (Has)

At the back of every door (like this one at International Plaza),

lies a secret...

WARNING: Explicit content!

Due to its dangerous nature and possible defamation suits,
we had to censor the party involved.

Line 1: Gan ni lao mu - to screw one's own birth-giver

Line 2: Lao fu zi - the adorable old man from a renowned Manga

Much love to our conspiracy theorist of the week - Has, for sending this photo in.

Same Old Excuses

We, the cowtizens of Singapore,
apologize for the late uploads.

More exciting stuff coming to a patch of grass near you soon.

The stop along Prinsep Street, Dhoby Ghaut.

Keep sending us your photos of loveeee...
P.S. More Street Spirit tomorrow!

06 June 2007

Project Eden: Maximize Thy Toilet Brushes

The cows were looking for a sweet spot to graze on,
and we came across a patch of grass that came straight from the loo.

Donna Ong's work at Raffles City, a part of Singapore Arts Festival Outreach Programme;

Project Eden: The Festival Nest

As said by the festival's holy website;
"Childhood memories, storybook gardens, lost hours of play... these come to mind as the membrane between the present and the past, reality and daydream, is perforated. An opening into a parallel world beckons and who can resist an opening?"

It's pretty open...
We were expecting some random
witch to grab a one of these and fly off.

We were hoping the swing was made out of recycled materials too.

toilet bowls and stuff.

Diet of the Future.

Up above, in a trailer far, far away,
there was a secret garden.

With a little contrast and maybe a few gnomes,
we definitely do not mind lazing here.

We came across another lady when we were up there,
and she was simply ecstatic,

"So clever! Who would have thought that normal things like these can become a garden!"