19 November 2007

Oops We Did it Again

Britney is a cow too.

It's been a month since the last post,
apologies and milkshakes for the hiatus.

Us cows were just taking a break after the WDNNE exhibition, and our day jobs at the farm have been chaotic (old Mcdonald had a seizure after overdosing).

So bear and graze with us, we'll be back before you can say
"What?! Cab fares are going up again?!"

21 October 2007

Street Spirit #7 - Hafiz Bastard says F*ck the Junta!

And we cows totally agree!

Many thanks to the Bastard for graciously sending these in.

Photos from the BURMA embassy taken a few weeks back.

Is it that difficult?
Make love not war.

Spot on.

Aung San Suu Kyi .

Free Burma, Peace.

03 October 2007

We Dig Traffic Lights 2

Happy Belated Childrens/Calves Day to all...

The following shots, which were taken long long time,
have been resurrected for your viewing plaisur.

Mostly taken around Bencoolen and Bugis yet again.

but hoops are passe liao.

Mr Cryptic says "Subscribe for life.."
to Yun Nam haircare (while hair stocks last)!


It's special ok.
Retail outlets are the happiest, next are your girlfriends,
even if you give carved stones or semi-destroyed origami stars.

But we cows believe that everyday should be Valentines day..

Sorry but we dropped out from Chinese classes :(

but we think it says; I *hearts* Chow Yun Fat!
(before you sue us, please note that we can only
pay you with our milk-money)

More traffic lights and cheese coming soon!

P.S. Please do check out the "We Dont Need No Education"
link on your right!

Brought to you by Purper Cow & Familia (tastes+RED inc.)
Public ArtRoar is officially under tastes+RED inc.,
but we are too lazy to update. Well, now you know!

19 September 2007

HeartLanded #1.1 - Marine Parade

Only in Marine Parade can you find art-bins.

All the intensity of M. Night Shyamalan, with the fuss of 2-mins instant noodles.

Sounds like GST...
Any other guesses to what the bins could be referring to?

Male testosterones?

(we know the real answer, but its no fun. Mooo)

04 September 2007

We Dig Traffic Lights & Krusty the Clown

Heart-stopping, we tell yer..

Phantom of the Traffic Opera

p.s. these pics were taken a LONG time ago.
Are these still there?

This guy is on various traffic lights around the area.
Definitely making his presence felt.

Macam Krusty meets Gold Dust. Power.

Far-fetched but maybe,
just maybe...

We do not know for sure, the truth is out there.
So are the cows.

"But you cant handle the truth!"

20 August 2007

P.O. Box U. Sux #2

Yes we know this is not really a P.O. Box..
But who cares?

Spotted along Bugis, opposite the national library.
We f*cking love this.

This freak of a dude is way too hot.
With all the psychedelia, pink bubbles and butterflies
every cow dream of (yeah ok maybe not all).

Stand talk on bridge
Lay dumb in water

Mr Suffer Well.


04 August 2007

Street Spirit #6 - Vanessa Ho!

Yes, we are feeling the much needed love from Ms Vanessa this week..

This self-proclaimed pink pig was trotting around Arab Street on 15th July, snapping all these pics for us. *gets teary-eyed*

Ladies & Gentlemen, we have a teenage mutant.
Bart Simpson + Teletubby + 1/4 Marge's Hair

Err.. This one looks like
the white thing from Ghostbusters the Movie..?
Yeah, you know what we're talking about.

Help!! What's SVC?

She found this guy outside the Sultan Mosque.
He was probably there because he got high.

We think this is just a homage to Taufik Batisah really.

Help!! What's OSA?
It seems like the new cool thing to say...
Y'know.. like instead of "Wazzzzupp..",
we now say "Ossaaaaaa..."

What the hell is up with Singaporeans and abbreviations, ah?

The cows favourite at the moment is TITO (tap in, tap out).
It's a SBS thing, but it sounds so dirrrtttyyy.

"Whatcha looking at you stupid cow, you wanna suck on me tito?!"
"Hey baby, you up for some TITO tonight?"

Yes, kill us.

Oh, thanks Vanessa! Much love, Oink Oink!

30 July 2007

P.O. Box U. Sux

This was taken next to NAFA, in front of Sculpture Square,
many, many, many months back.

Jason oh Jason...
We were all here!!

Yes yes we cows love to suck on lollipop.

What do you like to suck on?

20 July 2007

HeartLanded #1 - Marine Parade

We are pleased to introduce our new series - HeartLanded!

This series will feature public art in residential areas (HDB only) from all over Singapore. We encourage aunties and uncles to go crazy with their handphone cameras and send us photos of anything worth mooing for (instead of just using it to check 4D and Toto).

First up is the very magical Marine Parade, where reclaimed land and imported sand come to life.

Two mischievious nymphs had toyed with the signs.

We believe that if you follow the arrow,
it will lead you to their trap...

And there they will force you
to buy outrageously overpriced D24 durians.

1. stoked (from urbandictionary.com)

"stoked" - adjective - to be "stoked" is to be completely and intensely enthusiastic, exhilirated, or excited about something. those who are stoked all of the time know this; being stoked is the epitome of all being. when one is stoked, there is no limit to what one can do.

"Man oh man am i stoked for getting splashed at during NDP!"

08 July 2007

Street Spirit #5 - Rebel Rani Strikes Again!

Rebel Rani was waiting for the lights at an Ochard Road Junction,
when a certain man's gaze was felt.

She turned to her left and found...
a shrivelled Ethan Hawke on a bad hair day.

Mr Hawke was prolly referring to the
"we are not exaggerating, climate change is for real" ads.

That was not what you said ten years ago, assholes.

MFOO... *speaking cryptic*

30 June 2007

Dont Go Chasing Waterfalls

This is at the Bras Basah outlet of Popular bookstore.

In between higher levels./?


is a

continuation of


It's pretty cool because it's blue and water,
and water is naturally cool.

But a masterpiece? (read 3rd pic (if you can (if not, then ask)))


**Ya lah, all cannot see but all lazy to ask. Bluek.
It says:

"GRAFITTI: A form of scribbling art on wall.
This masterpiece is a continuation of the waterfall (on the right wall), with "blue" representing the coolness and calmness of water."


18 June 2007

Street Spirit #4 - Banned in the Singapura (Has)

At the back of every door (like this one at International Plaza),

lies a secret...

WARNING: Explicit content!

Due to its dangerous nature and possible defamation suits,
we had to censor the party involved.

Line 1: Gan ni lao mu - to screw one's own birth-giver

Line 2: Lao fu zi - the adorable old man from a renowned Manga

Much love to our conspiracy theorist of the week - Has, for sending this photo in.

Same Old Excuses

We, the cowtizens of Singapore,
apologize for the late uploads.

More exciting stuff coming to a patch of grass near you soon.

The stop along Prinsep Street, Dhoby Ghaut.

Keep sending us your photos of loveeee...
P.S. More Street Spirit tomorrow!

06 June 2007

Project Eden: Maximize Thy Toilet Brushes

The cows were looking for a sweet spot to graze on,
and we came across a patch of grass that came straight from the loo.

Donna Ong's work at Raffles City, a part of Singapore Arts Festival Outreach Programme;

Project Eden: The Festival Nest

As said by the festival's holy website;
"Childhood memories, storybook gardens, lost hours of play... these come to mind as the membrane between the present and the past, reality and daydream, is perforated. An opening into a parallel world beckons and who can resist an opening?"

It's pretty open...
We were expecting some random
witch to grab a one of these and fly off.

We were hoping the swing was made out of recycled materials too.

toilet bowls and stuff.

Diet of the Future.

Up above, in a trailer far, far away,
there was a secret garden.

With a little contrast and maybe a few gnomes,
we definitely do not mind lazing here.

We came across another lady when we were up there,
and she was simply ecstatic,

"So clever! Who would have thought that normal things like these can become a garden!"

28 May 2007

Street Spirit #3 - Rebel Rani aka Sha

Rebel Rani was having Moroccan tea at Arab Street when she spotted this;

It's one thing to be a rascist, another to be a homophobe.
Or maybe this is like a secret code...

We think this could have been an inside job *gasp*

You know say daddy me snow me-a gon blame
A licky boom-boom down
'Tective man he say, say Daddy Me Snow me
stab someone down the lane
A licky boom-boom down

Oh my cow.

Maybe Snow did this.

Sin City Hall 2

Sin City Hall 1 shots were taken at the junction on Bras Basah Road.
The last time we checked, Wrath was gone, replaced by an even bigger wrath.

The following were taken around Raffles City;

4. Greed NOKIA presents Julian Something.

5. Sloth Tie a yellow bunny round the old pink tree.

6. Lust

Wild. Very wild.

To be continued...

16 May 2007

Sin City Hall 1

No super yellow, yucky villain nor leather-bound Jessica Alba,
but these were spotted around City Hall ...

(we kinda forgot to get the exact road name/junction;
to be moo-ed shortly)

1. Envy
You forgot to say Hello to this kitty.

2. Wrath
Can the clutches of Man's progress on Nature
bring about its own doom?

3. Pride Beyond any reasonable doubt?

To be continued...

09 May 2007

Back to School #2.4 - On the Walls

We have been busy grazing grass but we have not forgotten you.

Blogspot's bugs are as irritating as live bugs.

Due to the untimely bug attack, we shall leave you intimately alone with the pictures below, and deprive you of the cows' cheery, inspirational, thought-provoking (aka bullshit) chatter beneath each box of life-altering work of art.