25 April 2007

Street Spirit #2 - Charan / Lim Chee Han

Creamy goodness.

The second of the Street Spirit series, courtesy of Channi Bal a.k.a Tangkap Sux of the cows' favourite local radio station - Unpopular Radio.

This Is a Smoke-Free Campus
by Mr Lim Chee Han
(philosopher, not artist)

Charan said, "This wud mean a lot for everyone who has ever been around the dungeon... Including (insertnameofsomeoneinveryhighposition)'s son."

So we are guessing that the dungeon is like a smoking corner?
And the smokers are the dragons?


17 April 2007

Corporate Art?

A.k.a the sometimes-brainless-just-there-to-fill-up-space-or-make-the-shareholders-look-good art.

Centrepoint. Some time back. Outside.
(We're trying to elude as much enthusiasm as possible here...
is it working?)

Killer heels...

Giant shoe immediately signals a cam-whoring opportunity.

Hmm.. the more we look at this,
the more we feel that they were taken from
"Honey! I Shrunk the Kids" set.

This is boring. Instead, maybe someone
should do a giant bottle filled with vodka...

For the homeless, the thirsty and the alcoholics.

Performance art -
"Girl Puts Leg on the Bottle to Look Rebellious".

This was taken early this month.

And this was the caption for the giant teddy bear above;

"Teddy bear celebrates the child in us. It brings together a delightful selections of leisure pursuits, such as computer games, ballet, soccer and shopping."

READ: shopping


And we thought teddy bears give children (and some adults) a sense of security and warmth.

06 April 2007

Back to School #2.3 - Lasalle (Emo-meter) / Good Friday Special

Happy PH to all, young and old...

Jesus was Emo. So was Vader.

Someone went NipTuck on the wall...

So here's the Emo-Meter.
It did not come with any instructions on the side
So we figured it works like this;

X = (a+b) x (3a*2+6z) x 7X - 5rgb

It's my birthday and everyone forgot -
I show others my journal -
My mom doesnt love me -
Lock self in room, crying -
I'm going to hell when I die -
My life is empty -
I write bad poetry -
Everybody hates me but I can tell you about it -
Why must I exist? -

We think all schools should have emo-meters.

It would come in handy in lowering the rising number of emo kids...

"Come here, let's measure your emo-ness...
Ouhh David, that's a dangerous level of emo you got in you.
Better stop listening to MCR before I cut your stupid hair off..."