21 January 2009


We cows turn three!

With the gloom and doom of the economy (but good weather!)
hopefully people need not resort to this.

This might hurt the ninjas' feelings.

thanks to Dewi for the above ninja-killer.

:) :) :)

10 July 2008

Street Spirit #9 - Nizam the Unstoppable Sex Machine

Street Spirit is back with a contribution from a kind yet not so humble soul who would like to be known as Nizam the Unstoppable Sex Machine.

No urineee and no surpriseeess... silence. . .

This was taken somewhere in Little India.

Thanks Nizam, you the cow!

04 June 2008

Heartlanded #2 - Boon "Fine" Lay

Long time no land heart.. from east coast Marine Parade we suddenly found ourselves at Boon Lay after Gurmit Singh flicked his 80's Rewind hair.

We cows yes, no grass, no car, no money
but still...

bicycle kanna saman.

Fine $5000 , 000 , 00

In an parallel universe, this would have been
Find $500,000,000.

You'd be too confused and scared by the commas,
that this would probably work.

See. Only 2/5 slots taken.
You've been punked, karung guni man.

20 May 2008

Sin City Hall 3 - Spartans Were* Retards

We seem to have a lavatory theme going on here.

Yes kids, if you think Transformers are cool,
check out this machine. Presenting,
The God of War

The god of war, from the epic battle of Diarrhoea.

In battle, this god shoots shit-laden toilet papers at you.

And apparently our photographer, Jeremy,
was in a predicament himself, and was kindly saved
by the grace of his tissue.

Hope you had a smashing long weekend.
And remember to not anger this god.

08 April 2008

Abandoned #03 - La Cucaracha Must Die

Taken by Jeremy at the same mysterious abandoned building as the previous post ($&%#!*&).

This has got to be the most poignant photo for us.

You'll go to hell for what your dirty mind is thinking.

18 March 2008

Abandoned #02 - In the Bathroom is Where I Want You

Another photo taken by Jeremy at somewhere only he knows.
Warning: R-18, You must have gone through puberty
and above 18 years of age.

This reminded us of a very nice song by Nightmare of You.

In the bathroom is where I want cows
Against the graffiti walls
We know, know cows at all
And just to see your cows in a place so tacky
Well, there's no better irony in my own depravity
So go slow,
Go Slow...

- Nightmare of Cows

We want this in our showers and public toilets!
Arts for the masses.

Better this than those tacky, plastic pictures of so-called modern day women, who happen to shop a lot and are white, at the entrances of shopping mall toilets. Bahh.

17 March 2008

Abandoned #01 - Wanderwall

These drawings were found in an abandoned building somewhere by Jeremy. Mr White Cow wants to keep this location a secret. Pfft.

Don't worry, guys. These are not evidences of cavemen roaming around in Singapore.

Like a Tim Burton wall.
We can already picture this as a movie. Anyone wants us to pitch?
Raintree, perhaps?

The Durian Bride.
(purple cow fell asleep during The Corpse Bride.
now she's just confused)

I don't want to grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid.
Toys R Us sux by the way. Moo.

07 March 2008

Bullet Proof (Cows Are)

Today in history;

- Aristotle died in 322 BC (Greek philosopher)
- Mikhail Bakhtin died in 1975 (Russian philospher)
- Stanley Kubrick died in 1999 (American kick-ass film director)
- In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell is granted a patent for an invention he calls the telephone.

and P.C.'s personal favourite

- Revolution in Mexico!

Today's photo is for all of the above, taken by Jeremy Sze aka White Cow (venue to be confirmed!!)

Isn't he loveeely...

Behind the mask is an idea ...

.. and ideas are bullet proof.

So are cows.

Tongue-in-cheek aside, we really dig this.


21 February 2008

It's Our Barfday and We Moo if We Want To! / Street Spirit #8 - Shaz

Moo if you want to!

YAYYYY. We is 1 year old! Time is running out! Old liao!!

(apologies for the hiatus!)

Now we're back with a parang and a bang or two, so do keep the photos coming (dont be lazy!).

And we have a resident photographer now, so feng shui for consistent posts is looking good.

Say hello to Mr Jeremy Sze, proud contributor of Street Spirit #1 turned white cow.


Street Spirit is back!

Thanks to Shaz, who "Saw this pasted on the side of a vending machine at a bus stop in City Hall".

We guess this resident felt that Speakers Corner do not speak much, and figured out a better way to reach out to people - vending machines.

In this horrendous humidity (to say with a british accent), more Singaporeans would be stretching their fingers to buy Lychee Tea than to visit Speakers Corner.

Quality and dissent you can taste.

This guy/gal can never make it in The Apprentice.
Too emotional lah.

Well, what's not political nowadays?

We cows are just excited at the slightest idea that wrigleys and bubble gummers might show up once again. Wee~

Are you kidding me?!
We are so gamblers enough, i tell you.

We are so gamblers, that some uncle would have seen this
at city hall, and quickly rush to buy 4D with the (only) numbers up;

1,2,3,... 0.

Then he'll buy the 24 system thingy (not sure what it's called).
So if the number comes out in different variations (0321.3210, etc),
they can win some moo-lah.

Here at Public Artroar, us cows understand your frustration. Really.

We got Starhub, Sports Idol, Sports Complex,
but no Sports Hub by Singaporeans.


Thanks, Shaz!

19 November 2007

Oops We Did it Again

Britney is a cow too.

It's been a month since the last post,
apologies and milkshakes for the hiatus.

Us cows were just taking a break after the WDNNE exhibition, and our day jobs at the farm have been chaotic (old Mcdonald had a seizure after overdosing).

So bear and graze with us, we'll be back before you can say
"What?! Cab fares are going up again?!"