19 September 2007

HeartLanded #1.1 - Marine Parade

Only in Marine Parade can you find art-bins.

All the intensity of M. Night Shyamalan, with the fuss of 2-mins instant noodles.

Sounds like GST...
Any other guesses to what the bins could be referring to?

Male testosterones?

(we know the real answer, but its no fun. Mooo)

04 September 2007

We Dig Traffic Lights & Krusty the Clown

Heart-stopping, we tell yer..

Phantom of the Traffic Opera

p.s. these pics were taken a LONG time ago.
Are these still there?

This guy is on various traffic lights around the area.
Definitely making his presence felt.

Macam Krusty meets Gold Dust. Power.

Far-fetched but maybe,
just maybe...

We do not know for sure, the truth is out there.
So are the cows.

"But you cant handle the truth!"