04 August 2007

Street Spirit #6 - Vanessa Ho!

Yes, we are feeling the much needed love from Ms Vanessa this week..

This self-proclaimed pink pig was trotting around Arab Street on 15th July, snapping all these pics for us. *gets teary-eyed*

Ladies & Gentlemen, we have a teenage mutant.
Bart Simpson + Teletubby + 1/4 Marge's Hair

Err.. This one looks like
the white thing from Ghostbusters the Movie..?
Yeah, you know what we're talking about.

Help!! What's SVC?

She found this guy outside the Sultan Mosque.
He was probably there because he got high.

We think this is just a homage to Taufik Batisah really.

Help!! What's OSA?
It seems like the new cool thing to say...
Y'know.. like instead of "Wazzzzupp..",
we now say "Ossaaaaaa..."

What the hell is up with Singaporeans and abbreviations, ah?

The cows favourite at the moment is TITO (tap in, tap out).
It's a SBS thing, but it sounds so dirrrtttyyy.

"Whatcha looking at you stupid cow, you wanna suck on me tito?!"
"Hey baby, you up for some TITO tonight?"

Yes, kill us.

Oh, thanks Vanessa! Much love, Oink Oink!

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