03 October 2007

We Dig Traffic Lights 2

Happy Belated Childrens/Calves Day to all...

The following shots, which were taken long long time,
have been resurrected for your viewing plaisur.

Mostly taken around Bencoolen and Bugis yet again.

but hoops are passe liao.

Mr Cryptic says "Subscribe for life.."
to Yun Nam haircare (while hair stocks last)!


It's special ok.
Retail outlets are the happiest, next are your girlfriends,
even if you give carved stones or semi-destroyed origami stars.

But we cows believe that everyday should be Valentines day..

Sorry but we dropped out from Chinese classes :(

but we think it says; I *hearts* Chow Yun Fat!
(before you sue us, please note that we can only
pay you with our milk-money)

More traffic lights and cheese coming soon!

P.S. Please do check out the "We Dont Need No Education"
link on your right!

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Public ArtRoar is officially under tastes+RED inc.,
but we are too lazy to update. Well, now you know!

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