17 April 2007

Corporate Art?

A.k.a the sometimes-brainless-just-there-to-fill-up-space-or-make-the-shareholders-look-good art.

Centrepoint. Some time back. Outside.
(We're trying to elude as much enthusiasm as possible here...
is it working?)

Killer heels...

Giant shoe immediately signals a cam-whoring opportunity.

Hmm.. the more we look at this,
the more we feel that they were taken from
"Honey! I Shrunk the Kids" set.

This is boring. Instead, maybe someone
should do a giant bottle filled with vodka...

For the homeless, the thirsty and the alcoholics.

Performance art -
"Girl Puts Leg on the Bottle to Look Rebellious".

This was taken early this month.

And this was the caption for the giant teddy bear above;

"Teddy bear celebrates the child in us. It brings together a delightful selections of leisure pursuits, such as computer games, ballet, soccer and shopping."

READ: shopping


And we thought teddy bears give children (and some adults) a sense of security and warmth.

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