21 February 2008

It's Our Barfday and We Moo if We Want To! / Street Spirit #8 - Shaz

Moo if you want to!

YAYYYY. We is 1 year old! Time is running out! Old liao!!

(apologies for the hiatus!)

Now we're back with a parang and a bang or two, so do keep the photos coming (dont be lazy!).

And we have a resident photographer now, so feng shui for consistent posts is looking good.

Say hello to Mr Jeremy Sze, proud contributor of Street Spirit #1 turned white cow.


Street Spirit is back!

Thanks to Shaz, who "Saw this pasted on the side of a vending machine at a bus stop in City Hall".

We guess this resident felt that Speakers Corner do not speak much, and figured out a better way to reach out to people - vending machines.

In this horrendous humidity (to say with a british accent), more Singaporeans would be stretching their fingers to buy Lychee Tea than to visit Speakers Corner.

Quality and dissent you can taste.

This guy/gal can never make it in The Apprentice.
Too emotional lah.

Well, what's not political nowadays?

We cows are just excited at the slightest idea that wrigleys and bubble gummers might show up once again. Wee~

Are you kidding me?!
We are so gamblers enough, i tell you.

We are so gamblers, that some uncle would have seen this
at city hall, and quickly rush to buy 4D with the (only) numbers up;

1,2,3,... 0.

Then he'll buy the 24 system thingy (not sure what it's called).
So if the number comes out in different variations (0321.3210, etc),
they can win some moo-lah.

Here at Public Artroar, us cows understand your frustration. Really.

We got Starhub, Sports Idol, Sports Complex,
but no Sports Hub by Singaporeans.


Thanks, Shaz!


Anonymous said...

genting highlands is a disgusting perversion of nature by the malaysian chinese bourgeoise.

singapore and m'sia gahmen have a lot in common then. sit aside, collect tax while the chinese bourgeoise make marnee and destroy the environment.

btw, this is a classist statement, not a racist one. 'chinese' is purely incidental and has no bearing on the concrete phenomenon. 'bourgeoise' on the other hand...go figure...

Public ArtRoar said...

thank you for the brief look into political science.

whr do cows fit into this? (from a classist point of view)

Anonymous said...

cows are included under 'nature' which human beings 'appropriate' with 'the given level of technology' in order to reproduce 'society'

hence cows are 'alienated' for the purpose of 'production'

'cool' huh ?

Public ArtRoar said...

uber cool.