18 March 2008

Abandoned #02 - In the Bathroom is Where I Want You

Another photo taken by Jeremy at somewhere only he knows.
Warning: R-18, You must have gone through puberty
and above 18 years of age.

This reminded us of a very nice song by Nightmare of You.

In the bathroom is where I want cows
Against the graffiti walls
We know, know cows at all
And just to see your cows in a place so tacky
Well, there's no better irony in my own depravity
So go slow,
Go Slow...

- Nightmare of Cows

We want this in our showers and public toilets!
Arts for the masses.

Better this than those tacky, plastic pictures of so-called modern day women, who happen to shop a lot and are white, at the entrances of shopping mall toilets. Bahh.

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